Our mission is to make teamwork between employer and employee easier.

Our goal is to develop first-class services in the field of employee scheduling that inspire our customers, support employers and motivate employees.

Our belief is that the workplace where most hours of life are spent should be a friendly and productive place.

Our values


We are all unique. With this in mind, we design our solutions and see each customer and employee as an independent important personality.


We believe that sincerity, honesty and a good heart lay the foundation for a sustainable successful relationship with each other.


We maintain open and constructive communication. Team work and the best ideas are our main focus. This usually finds the best solution to a problem.


We are fire and flame for JobDone. We have brought this passion and enthusiasm to life in our products and want to pass them on in every respect.


JobDone was founded by Lucky and Sam in 2018.

With the JobDone Family, consisting of the JobDone team, friends, customers, investors and other contributors, they have realized JobDone.
However, their work is far from complete. Together with the JobDone Family, they want to achieve even more.

Lucky Bassi

Co-Founder & CEO

Samuel Brun

Co-Founder & COO

Let's shape the future together!