Account Deletion and Data Retention

Welcome to the JobDone App's Account Deletion and Data Retention information page. This page outlines how to request account deletion and our data handling practices, in compliance with GDPR and Swiss law.

Request Account Deletion

To initiate the deletion of your JobDone App account, please fill out our Account Deletion Request Form. This form ensures we handle your request efficiently and in compliance with legal standards.

Data Deletion and Retention

Upon processing your request, your personal data associated with the account will be removed. Data related to your employer, such as HR and payroll information, will be retained in line with our operational requirements and legal obligations.

Legal Compliance

Our data handling complies with GDPR and the latest Swiss data protection laws, ensuring the safeguarding of your data while meeting legal requirements. For detailed legal information, please refer to the Swiss Data Protection Document.

Additional Information

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our support team on our support page.