How your business benefits from JobDone:


With JobDone, the whole team is always up-to-date.

JobDone is available both on the web and as a mobile app. This allows all employees to access the shift schedule at any time and from anywhere. In case of changes, there is a notification directly to the smartphone.

JobDone Web App - Dashboard
JobDone Mobile App - Dashboard Employees

Not only shifts, but also absences and organize holidays.

Do employees want to register for a holiday or a dental appointment? With JobDone, employees can quickly and easily send a request to their manager. Hours are automatically calculated correctly according to the contract.


Employee wishes made easy.

Employees can record their work wishes in their own JobDone app. This makes it easier for the planner to respond to individual needs without time-consuming communication, thereby increasing employee satisfaction.

JobDone Mobile App - Wishes
JobDone Mobile App - Home

Individual and flexible time recording.

Trust between employers and employees is a top priority for us. That's why at JobDone we offer versatile possibilities to record working time. Management can release various time recording options.


Mobile time recording via app and GPS.

By clicking in the app, the working time can be started and stopped. All working break times are calculated exactly and compiled for the report. For additional security, GPS integration can be activated, which validates the location of the time recording.

JobDone Mobile App - GPS
JobDone Web App - Reports

Clear and comprehensible reports.

JobDone provides detailed reports. With just a few clicks and in seconds, clear and comprehensible work reports can be generated.


Integrated groups and individual chats.

An integrated chat system focuses communication on JobDone. Employees can be reached in this way without having to interfere with their privacy. Everything to do with work is limited to one app.

It can be communicated in private chats with 2 people or in groups. The company is free to enable its employees to create group chats or not.

JobDone Mobile App - Messages Overview
JobDone Mobile App - Messages Details

Shift swap? No problem.

It has never been so easy to exchange shifts with work colleagues! The shift is simply sent to the desired person or group via the integrated chat system.

Now the accepting user only has to accept and the supervisors agree and the whole plan change as well as the recalculation of the working hours happens automatically.

We take safety seriously.

JobDone products follow the highest safety standards and are programmed in the most modern technologies.

Swiss Datacenter

Our core and master data are stored in highly security data centers in Switzerland. JobDone uses the security-renowned Google Cloud for our core services.


JobDone uses banking standards to communicate between devices and JobDone servers. Data is “in-transit” and “at-rest” encrypted and securely stored in front of prying eyes.


JobDone’s infrastructure is designed according to the most modern principles, such as “high availability” and “micro-services”. Our expertise in banking software helped develop JobDone.

Cutting Edge Technologies

JobDone’s technology stack uses the latest developments that are performant, safe and scalable. Our main technologies include React.js, Node.js, Kubernetes, Automated CI/CD and more.

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